Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Classroom Decor Packet & Freebie Chance!

Wowza! I just finished the one of the biggest products I've ever made! 
A Classroom Decor set! 

This year I decided to change my room colors to turquoise, purple, and black with Chevron {Of Course!!}. I get antsy and tend to change things up a lot... even throughout the school year.. 

SO, what better than to make my own decor so that I know it will be exactly what I want?! It has taken a while but I'm finally finished with it! I'm very pleased with this being my first class decor set ever!

This thing took me days to get it uploaded! My mac is a POS and is like 10 years old! It is so slow. It is so OLD that I can't download google chrome! SMH! It was IS driving me crazy, so hopefully summer school will help pay for a new one! Anyways. It is FINALLY finished.....

Take a look! 

PS- Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom! 

Here is a little preview of what is in this packet.  :)


I am proud of myself and really hope that y'all like it too! 

I have it up for purchase at my TPT store! :) Click Here to Get it!


Since I am so excited about this being my VERY first Classroom Decor Set, I want to give it away to 2 very lucky people! One from my blog and one from my Facebook page. 

If you're not following me on's your chance!

Leave me a comment down below and/or on my Facebook page telling me why you would love to have my Class Decor Set! I will pick the two winners Friday morning at 8:00 am central time.

**Don't forget to leave your email address too!

Good Luck! :) 


  1. I love this set because it is something I could use multiple years without worrying about themes and such. My decor is turquoise so it would be a perfect match. I also love the fact that you used clear, legible fonts and colors. So many sets I've liked on TPT use very cutesy fonts for the numbers and words, and while that appeals to my girlishness, it doesn't work for beginning and emerging readers- especially when it is up on a wall! Thanks for sharing with us! I'm new to First grade!

  2. This is so pretty. I would love to win this because it is the same color combo that I chose for my classroom this year. Well done!

  3. I would love this packet! I am crazy for chevron right now! Fingers crossed!! :)

    Roxy Nelson

  4. I LOVE this decor pack.. I just started using turquoise in my color scheme for this year and was sad to see my purple from last year go. Combining the two colors (plus grey) would be awesome. I've also got a ton of grey/turquoise chevron stuff that I just bought for my own house, I'm a bit obsessed with it lately.

    Love your stuff, anyone will be lucky to get it :)

  5. I would love this pack because it would match my turquoise, gray, green classroom and it has everything I need to perfect my décor!

  6. This is my first year teaching and have been struggling with how to do up my classroom. I literally decided yesterday that I wanted to go with simple patterns (Chevrons, stipes, polka dots) and pretty colors... my color choices were grey turquoise and purple. This classroom set would be perfect! I love it!


  7. I would love this set because I am going to be teaching 1st grade for the 1st time! I am moving from 4th grade and I am NOT creative cutesie at ALL! This pack (with my favorite colors!) will help me fabulously fill up my bare walls.

  8. Love this set! I wish I saw it before the contest was over :( I am currently doing my classroom withe these colors. Do you have a guided Math rotation done in these colors?

    1. Thanks :)! Unfortunately, I don't have it in a guided math rotation... Now, I only teach Reading and Writing.... So I don't have many math products...Sorry!!



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