Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book Clubs! Yay!

Hi friends!!

Just a very quick post today! I'm attaching my first video ever! Hope this goes well!

Today I wanted to share about my 2nd grade book clubs. Almost ALL of my students have made their way into a book club. Some are more guided by me than others, just depending on their ability to share independently with one another. Modeling and practice makes perfect!  But I LOVE it when students can have their own meaningful discussions about a book on their own without me! 

It makes me smile. :)

This particular group in the video is reading a biography about Louis Braille and his creation of a way for the blind to be able to read. You can tell which kids are comfortable talking (stealing the show) and sharing and which have a harder time with it. Once I turned on the camera, those that are reluctant tried to tap into the conversation, but would only say, "I agree". I try to make sure my students add a reason onto that. They are encouraged to say, why do you agree? What from the book makes you agree with the other person? I tried to stay out of the conversation as much as possible, so I addressed the issue of the nonparticipants at the end. 

Towards the end you hear me talk about the Edmodo group question. I will discuss that further in an another post if y'all want to hear more!

If you like what you see and are curious for more, let me know in the comments below!! I will write up a full lengthy post all about my book clubs if I know people want to hear more! :)

Let me know! Enjoy!


  1. I'd love to hear more about book clubs! We are starting a fiction book club unit next month so I'm pretty excited!

    1. Great! I'll be sure to do a post on it soon! Once I get back from Spring Break, we will be starting new books!


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