Saturday, July 13, 2013

Reading Goals Bookmark Freebie!

Happy Saturday Y'all!! 

I just created a reading goals bookmark for my students to use this year. I really want them to stay focused and aware of what they should be working towards. I think that this bookmark can help with that. 

I added a place for the students to write their current goal, strategies that will help them reach that goal, and a place to check when they practiced those strategies. 

I will most likely have a bunch of these copied on card stock...maybe even some color card stock. I want them easily accessible because we know that students' goals are always changing. This will make it easy for them to go grab a new one when it does change.

I also will most likely help the student fill it out. I will do this during small guided reading time OR during one on one conferences. 

Go get the link for this freebie from my Facebook Page! :)


ALSO, I want to know how do you keep your readers accountable and/or focused on their goals??

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