Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Made it and Another Freebie!!

It's a rainy Monday..but that can't keep me from smiling! 

Today was my first day of teaching summer school. It went well.. had 8 students in my first class then 2 in my second class..It's much nicer when there's only a few kids! 
I got home this afternoon and got straight to work! 
I had to get my craft done for Monday Made It!

I literally JUST finished my craft for this week! AND I have yet ANOTHER freebie! I am all full of freebies lately!

My First Monday Made it...

I saw this on Pinterest but can't for the life of me find the original pin. So here is mine.
{Pardon the dark photos...}

It is a doorway ribbon curtain?? haha I have no idea what to call it! That sounds good enough though.

This was very cheap to make. I'm pretty sure I got the adjustable rod from Target. Not expensive at all... AND the ribbon (most of it) is from the dollar store! They seriously had my turquoise and gray! I was so happy! So, I loaded up on that! 

So simple. No need for directions.. Can't wait to take it in tomorrow to see how it looks on my classroom door!!

My Second Monday Made It!

Since I teach reading, I wanted to start off this summer session with asking the kids what they liked about reading and/or what they thought they were good at in reading. So, I created a little writing sheet. I used this today with my kiddos and it went well! :) Just got their mind back into thinking about reading. 

The directions on the two are slightly different. just depends if you want them to write about what they are good at or what they like about reading... Today I had them write about what they liked. 

If you'd like this freebie..Hop on over to my Facebook page and click on my Fab Fan Freebie tab at the top of my page. Remember! You have to like my page to get the freebie! :) There is more than one freebie on the link! ;)

Happy Monday Made it! :) :)

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