Monday, July 29, 2013

Hanging Hallway Classroom Sign {Monday Made It}

I think Monday Made It is my favorite day to blog!

I am super big on crafting things for my classroom and love sharing it with you!!

This week I made a hanging hallways classroom sign....At my school, each grade level is down a long hallway. The teachers have signs with their names hanging outside their door facing down the hallway so it is easy to see who's room is where! 

I redid mine for this year... just real rhyme or reason.. but who needs a reason to redo something???

Here is my new hallway sign!
The only thing I don't like is how LONG my stinkin' name is! My maiden name was I went from a short name to a long name.. I think I made it work though....

I also created more numbered clips for my students. These will either be for my behavior clip chart OR my class jobs chart... I'm thinking I may use Velcro dots for my class jobs....We will see!

Here are the clothespins that I covered in scrapbook paper and then added the numbers to.

I think I"m a clothespin snob now... I can't look at a regular plain clothespin without cringing... I HAVE to cover it... and I think that is only because it is SO quick and easy!! I have a post on it from a while back. Click here to see the post on how easy it is to cover clothespins! Seriously, it only takes about 10 mins to cover a large batch! are my newest clothespins..
{sorry about the bad lighting...I'm no photographer!}

 {haha...can you tell how much I love chevron?? You can see in the background on the photo below that the rotunda in my house is painted chevron!}

Have a fabulous week! This is my last week of summer school.. woohoo! Then I have a week left of NOTHING to do before we start trainings...I'm ready for ONE last week of sweet summertime! 


  1. That hallway sign is cute! Great job!


  2. I saw your post on Monday Made-it and had to come look. I made chevron clips too. I think I am going to add tacks and use the to hold student work. I LOVE chevron too.

    1. I use the tacks on the backs too! SO much you can do! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. I love your sign and clothespins...both projects turned out really cute!

    Crazy Daze in First Grade

  4. in LOVE with those clips. I'm putting them on my "to do " list right away. Where did you get the cute numbers??

    Happy to be your newest follower & so glad to have found you!:)

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. Thanks Kelly! I actually made those cute numbers! They are a freebie on my Facebook Page!
      Go to my FB page, like it, then click on the Fan Freebie link at the top to get them!

      First Grade Fabulosity Facebook Page!

      Thanks again!!

  5. Love your job chart! Is this in your tpt store?

    1. It isn't but I'll send it your way! :) Thanks so much!


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