Friday, June 21, 2013

UseLESS Trainings and UseFUL Crafts!

 Hey y'all! 

Warning- Rant about useless trainings this week.....
SO, I had 6 hour trainings for 3 days this week. UGHHHHHHHH! The first two were on Monday and Wednesday. They were in different parts of Houston, so they were a decent drive away. I wouldn't mind it if they were useFUL trainings, but these were useLESS! I swear! Why do they require us to take these classes when they are crap? I'm sorry! I Learned maybe 1 useful thing in the combined 12 hours that I was in there. These were GT'd think i'd get some strategies to use in class, or SOMETHING to put into action. Nahhhhhh, just research and blah blah blah. I can't stand wasted days! Very few trainings are like that these days. SO, needless to say, I did not go on Thursday.... I knew it was going to be pointless and it was the farthest one away.  I thought, NO THANKS, I'll be at home crafting. I'm sorry that I'm not sorry! {siiighhh}

Sorry, needed to vent and I don't have my teammates around me now, so y'all got the brunt of it! hehe

Anyways (Nacho Libre voice) 
I'm sure you're ready for me to move on to what I'm really here for....
which is.......

to show you another craft that I have completed and a new one that I'm working on! 

I completed the mini easel from Hobby Lobby that I posted about last time! I LOVE IT! I love the way it turned out! So... here is the before and after pics! Enjoy!

 With a little paint, scrapbook paper, flowers, ribbon, and jewels... it turned out pretty darling... don'tcha think??


Now, this is the new one I am working on, as we speak type! 
It is my little mailbox, I guess you could say. So students can place notes, pictures, stories they want to share with me, etc. This is for those times when the kids REALLY want to tell you about something but it is at the wrong time... You don't always get to go back to that student and say, "Now what did you want to share with me?"...So this box is perfect for them to write it down and share it. It gives you the ability to stay focused and to eventually get to it when you have time.

It is a little cardboardish oval-shaped box from Hobby Lobby. Only $3.49.

 I've begun to paint the inside of the box. Then I'll add gray chevron scrapbook paper to the outside and decorate with my name.  Very VERY simple project.

I know that i showed y'all a pic of my finished Where Are You Board, but here is the actual FINAL product...I added the ribbon. :)

I've basically just been keeping myself busy! My husband is in the garage Man Cave. He's working on a huge built in desk for a customer.  So, I have to stay outta the way! :) But he was kind enough to grab me an unsweet tea from Chick-Fil-A....I KNOW we ALL know how much a simple chick-fil-a or sonic drink will do for us teachers! Ahhh, the simple things in life! 

I also have these 3 sweet babies to keep me company!

Happy Summer Friday from Me, Cammy, Lucy, and Wishes!


  1. All of your creations are beautiful! I'm planning to make a "where are we" board as well.

    1. Thanks so much! :) Hope making your board goes well! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I love your where are you board. So pretty! I am pinning it because it is on my to do list this summer.

    Literacy Spark


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