Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Need Your Help!!

Hi y'all! 

I have a question and I really want your input!

I have been wanting to create a tracking sheet for my students. Of course, I keep track of their progress in my small group binders, but I wanted to create a sheet that THEY can have access to whenever they want to check up on themselves!  I do small groups and independent conferences and I tell the students what they are doing well with, what they could improve on, and how to improve. BUT once I leave them, I'm always wondering if they really grasped our little chat and if they would really work on their goals. I want them to have easy access to a reminder of what they are like as a reader (or writer, etc.) .

S0, I decided to start creating a little tracking sheet for them to keep in their folders. We would pull it out, reference, and update it each time that we met in conference or groups....

So far I have an area for their strengths, and goals, and strategies to reach their goals...

My question to y'all is....what else should I have on the sheet? I've been sitting here thinking to myself that there should be something else...that it can't be THAT simple. 

So... What DO Yall think I should add to the sheet? OR is it really is?  Here is what I have so far...PLEASE give me input! Help a sista out! :) I'd really appreciate it! Thank ya!


  1. Anonymous5/30/2013

    You could put a checkbox thing on the bottom. For instance.
    _____I Ffeel stronger with the stratgies I used.

    _____ The stratagies were helpful but I need more time working on____________________

    _____I need another way to learn ________

    (or something like that)

  2. You could make an area where the kids or parents comment on how they think you could help them reach the goal. You could also leave it as a comment page where you get feedback about some of your teaching methods.

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