Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quick Tip-Absent Clip

Hey y'all! 

I decided to do a quick tip today! 

This quick tip helps me when I have a student or two absent. When a student is absent and misses work, I used to write their name on the page and leave it out on my teacher table to remember for the next day. I always had loose papers on my table from my absent students. I don't like clutter and things not in a "place". So I decided I needed a way to keep these sheets in my view as reminders but out. of. my. way. SO I came up with my absent clip. 

This is just a clothes pin that I super glued a tack to the back of... then I stuck it in the wall by my teacher stuff. This keeps all of those absent papers easily in my view for when the student returns but out of my way until then! :) 

Happy long Easter weekend! :) :)


  1. Love the absent clip! I have never managed to do a good job of keeping up with make up work. I found your blog through teaching with Moxie. So glad I did!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  2. What a wonderful idea! I am guilty of placing make-up work on my teacher table as well and then it all ends up getting lost in the shuffle of everything else. I definitely will be trying this!


  3. Awesome idea! It's so simple but so necessary haha. I am sooo guilty of having clutter, and it drives me crazy! Thanks for sharing :)



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