Sunday, February 24, 2013

Non-Fiction Features and Text Mapping!

We have been doing a huge unit on Non-Fiction text in reading and writing. It has been wonderful that these two subjects are lining up perfectly! I feel like I have SOO much more time! We have been going over important text features and then students are researching to produce their own non-fiction text. 

We have been going over one or two text features each day. I model using the feature and then the student practice using those features when they research on their own. The next day before I go over a new feature, I review the other features and we talk about how it helped them read the text. What they tell me, I record on the chart. 

I got these most of these wonderful text features pictures from Joyful Learning in KC.
A few I created on my own.


I saw an activity on Pinterest called text mapping. This is where the students search through the text to find and show the different text features. I chose to do this during reading with my students to help them grasp the whole idea of non-fiction text features working together to help the reader.

I copied a bunch of pages from a non-fiction book that I found in our library that had most of the text features for them to find.

 I taped the pages together and then taped it up on the wall in the hallway. Each table group worked with one set of the text. The students had to work together to map the text. 

My teammate had this little half sheet directions for what to circle and underline, etc. I am not sure where she found it..wish I could give props to the creator for the idea! I wanted to add a couple things to it, but didn't have I used it as it was and it still went great!

 Other Directions

Once I had time, I went back and made some adjustments to the directions for next year. 

My updated directions

So to set up the text mapping activity, I taped all the sets of text on the walls in different areas of the hallway. 

Then I taped two of the direction sheets above the text so that they could easily see them while they were working.

 I gave the class directions, had each table group gather two of each color that they needed, and sent them on their way. :) I think they really enjoyed getting to work in the hallway and doing something different! 

Here they are hard at work!

Here are some shots of their text mapping!

After the groups were done, I had them sit on the floor against the wall under their text. We had a discussion in the hallway about what they noticed about the text now that it had been mapped. We had some great discussions and they really understood how important non-fiction features are and why they are necessary. :)

 This text mapping activity was such a great visual! I will be doing this activity each year from now on! :)



  1. This seems like the perfect just-before-individual-assessment activity! Thanks so much for posting.

  2. May I get a copy of your updated directions??


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