Friday, November 18, 2011

Crafty Personalized Journals :)

This year I used a cute idea for my students' reading journals. This is great for letting your students put a personal spin on their journals. Basically you use scrapbook paper to make a journal cover. My kids really enjoyed being able to pick out their own two pieces to create their cover. It really personalizes the journal for them and increases their desire to use it.

All you need is scrapbooking paper (the big square pieces are better so that they can wrap around the inside the cover of the journal), scissors, and clear packaging tape!

 I got the scrapbooking paper from my parents. I sent out an email and immediately I received replies with parents wanting to send in loads of it! The picture of the scrapbook paper is all the extras that I have left! I'm very lucky to have the parent help :)

I pulled my students into small groups and the students chose their two square pieces for the front and back cover and then I had cut several skinny pieces to fit for their binding.

The kids LOVE them and always have them tied to their hips during reading workshop! :)


  1. Too cute - I'm a new follower through Cara! :)

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. So CUTE!!!!! I love scrapbook paper! It can make anything look cuter!

  3. P.S.

    I just added you to our sidebar!

  4. Awesome! Thanks so much! I appreciate it! :) I'll definitely return the favor once I get mine rolling!


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