Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Time to get Crafty!

I'm so glad it is summertime!!! Sweet Summertime! I've got soooo many things that I am hoping to get done....classroom and craft wise.  I've been spending endless amounts of my free time on Pinterest...{Like that's new} 

I've got SO many things pinned to create for next year. I actually sat down to try to organize my thoughts and list what I want to complete. I'm so glad to get some time to craft! It is so relaxing for me!

I figured I'd share with you guys a little smidget of what I'm hoping to get done! These are just some little knick knacks for my room.  

I added the links to the pics so you can check out the webpages yourselves.

A little share box for students to drop notes, etc. in for me. 
(No link for this pic)

I'm in the middle of printing this awesome planner that I purchased for next year!  She has them made for Texas Teachers AND for other states that use Common Core.

Some Cute classroom signs to match my colors! 


This sign will definitely help with managing where the kiddos are!


I'm gong to make this but on cookie sheets from the dollar store so that students can use magnets to move from one step to the other! I've been using the pencil version of this but the clips became annoying. I think I'll try to magnets this year! 

Those are just a few from pinterest! 

I'm also creating a writing notebook that my team is sending off to Print Shop to be bound for each student to use next year! I'm so excited about this! We have a reading notebook that we tailored to what we want to use and decided to do the same for writing! I'm super excited to see how they both work out next year!

I"ve created some word wall letters for myself. They are in teal and grey. I added them for free on my TPT store. I know you may not have the same color scheme as me, but they are nice to have around just in case! :) 

 I'll be sure to post my progress on all these crafts AND the many more I'll be tackling!



  1. Anonymous6/12/2016

    I am doing the where are they project along with the note for teachers except I want to use a small mailbox. Where am I going to find a mailbox, I don't know?! I am also using the big tub for clipboards and I bought a pink polka dot laundry bag for my anchor charts! I'm also doing homework passes a lot of other things that I can't think about right now. I am on Pinterest some nights until 2 in the morning! I think I'm addicted!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing my writing chart, Carly! :)

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