Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Update on my Literature Circle Packet!

Hey y'all! About a year ago I posted about my Literature Circle Packet that I have on my TPT store... Recently, I have made just a couple of minimal updates that I want to share! 

First, here is a little info into my packet! 
It is used for my fluent above level readers in class. I can't always get to them easily for guided reading groups, so they have their own club that they work with on a certain chapter book. Since most of what they need work on is comprehension strategies, this is a perfect fit. Each student has a job each time they have a section to read. Each individual student reads the section/chapters assigned, completes the job assigned, and comes prepared to share a discuss at the book club meetings on Mondays. 

Students get a chance to be each job in the packet. They switch to a new job after each meeting for the new section/chapters assigned to read.  

Each group has their own folder in which they use to keep their Book Club packets. The folder also holds the rules, expectations for the group, meeting reports, and job chart.

So, for those of you who already have purchased my 'Fancy Literature Circle Packet'... here are the updates..

1. I have changed the fonts and some frames. I got bored... what can I say??

 2. I have also changed the name... I like Book Club a little bit more... I think the students favor it more as well...They like to be "part of a club" :)

 3. I added a new schema page. This is for students to think about what they already know about the book that they are about to read. This gets their minds working and thinking. They can use this to make predictions or ask questions about the book with their group before they begin reading it.

 4. I also added a new job. This is the Predictor page. This job requires the student to make at most 3 predictions that they have after reading their section/chapters.

If you have already purchased it, you will be made aware of the new update for another download if you'd like it. You can also downloaded the Folder Packet for free to go along with it!

If you have not purchased it... and you like what you see... head on over to my TPT store where you can get it yourself! :)

PS- PLEASE let me know if you have any suggestions on things I can add or change about my Packet! I love hearing others' ideas!! :)

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  1. Love your book club idea! We were thinking of starting one and using it as a homework incentive for students who are a little too advanced for our normal homework calendar. We are going to buy your packet to help us get started! :) THANKS!!!


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