Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Guided Reading Freebies :)

Woohoo... I have time to post tonight!! GEEZ LUHWEEZ :) It has been a while! I am having a hard time finding time to post! Hopefully, I can find more time... I apologize! BUT as for tonight.... I am Thankful for..

 being able to sit back, drink some Lady Grey Tea from my Think Big mug *(I am OB-sessed with mugs)*, and BLOG!! :)


Cold weather!... well "cold" for Houston....it is currently 55 degrees here...So I'm absolutely lovin' this weather!

Okay..I know what you're thinking....'Carly..seriously? Just get to the freebies!'...teehee

Soooo, I have started my small guided reading groups and I wanted to share just a couple small things that I use. I know most teachers use a file folder and sticky notes to keep track of their groups... I also used a file folder for the past few years, but last year I created a little booklet that I could print, laminate, and bind. I find it to be much easier because I keep my reading and writing groups all in one. *I used to have my math as well, but I don't teach math anymore*

This is the first part of the book with my reading groups...

 I put my students into groups based on similar reading levels AND needs. If you look closely, I used a vis a vis marker to write what each group needs to work on. This really helps having everything at a quick glance.

Behind my reading group page is my writing groups section.

I haven't gotten as far with getting this section set up... BUT I will do the same thing as my reading section...I will use a vis a vis to write what each group's focus will be.

(This one includes the math section)

Conferencing Track
In the very front of my conferencing/guided reading binder, I have a conferencing tracking sheet. This is a big help in keeping track of what students I have seen and how often I have seen them. I don't do as many individual conferences in reading as I do in writing. That is because I am doing daily guided reading groups where I can see individual progress, but sometimes during independent reading I make my way around to conference with students. 

This is my conferencing track. 

I also have a calender that I use to keep track of what guided reading groups I will see each week. It changes all-tha-time so I don't really have a SET schedule printed out that I follow religiously...which I have tried before. :) This way I can change it up each week if need be... because, like we all know, our days never really go as we plan...

I use a completely blank calendar from abcteach so that I can change the days and the month.

 This is a close-up of the calendar....

 Hopefully some of y'all will find these little freebie nuggets useful! :) Let me know what y'all think and if there are other ways y'all keep track in your class!



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