Monday, November 28, 2011

Fancy Literature Circle Packet

 I'm back in action! I took a break during the Thanksgiving holiday to spend some much needed fun time with the hubby! Now, it's back to reality. I've been able to get back to my list of "to do's". So, I finally finished my literature circle packet. I had searched for some literature circle packets to use with one of my high reading groups, but I didn't like how boring they were. So, I formatted my own with a little more pizzazz. It has 8 jobs that include; 
Discussion leader
Real Life Connector
Story Connector
Character Charter
Word Wizard
I am looking forward to implementing this with my high reading group this week!  :) I love being able to give them more independence over their reading and learning!

My "Fancy Literature Circle Packet" is now available on my TPT store for download. :)

I will be finishing up a Monster Mash Activities set soon! Stay Tuned!

13.5 school days until Christmas Break! {of course I'm counting :)}

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